My Story

Welcome to Spring Rain Balms, I am Amanda. Photographer, hobbyist, carer & jack of all trades by day, Balm maker at night. I have had quite the journey when it comes to life and have been down some pretty tough roads, but haven't we all. How I ended up here and now making whipped butters and balms came about quite by accident & out of necessity. 
I am just an old hippy surfer girl from the 70's who somehow got a bit lost in the modern world. I fumbled around for to many years not knowing where I was going, finally I have found my old sea legs again (well I didn't really lose them I live on the beach)  but you know what I mean.
After being told 20 odd years ago I had a crushed disc in my neck and there was nothing they could do for it they wouldn't operate they said it was to risky I have had to live with the pain ever since, I was also told it would get worse as I got older, which it has, to the point that now age 50 something I have arthritis from my neck to the end of my spine that has calcified, it is in my hips, and pretty much every where else. I got the triple whammy when I found out recently I also have bursitis, and sciatica which never seem to go away. I ether have days where I can manage the pain or days where it is excruciating like recently when I was in bed for 3 days and could barely move. That was by far the worst I have ever felt. I was popping panamax like crazy. I never take drugs I refuse to take them because of the damage they cause, it is a matter of weighing up the pros and cons of pharmaceutical drugs and they loss out. I try to only take natural and herbal remedies for my conditions.
For the past 2 1/2 years I have been on a quest to come up with some balms that help relieve the daily I live with and make some very effective balms. I have given these to friends and neighbours to try and had great feedback to date. I am all about helping people I care for a few elderly a lot older than me and they love my products too.
 If I can help one person I feel blessed, I have even made some custom creams for a friend who has eczema and another that had dermatitis both had fantastic results too. Shea and cocoa butters are just wonderful natural ingredients I love working with them. I only make products that are free of preservative, colourings, chemicals and nasties.
All my ingredients are sourced locally where possible or from Australian businesses and I collect all the flowers myself to make the oils. Only quality Australian essential oils are used in my product.