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 All Natural deodorant, no palm oil, preservatives or chemicals. Your armpits are sensitive, what is sprayed or put on your armpits is absorbed through the skin to the blood and lymph nodes.  People are more conscious or what they put on there skin these days which is a good thing. I personally haven't used a commercial deodorant in 30 years. Sweating is good for you it is the bodies way of ridding toxins from the body. but no one likes to smell either. My deodorant is lightly scented with essential oils chosen for there effective antibacterial, anti fungal properties. Only a small amount of bi-carbonate soda is used because I read that a lot of people have a sensitivity to it. Kaolin clay is gentle on the skin it reduces oily skin, purifies pores & detoxes skin, cleanses & soothes irritated and sensitive skin. I don't actually sweat a lot I never have unless I am doing a lot of physical hard work in the yard. My deodorant is great for everyday use though.

If you sweat profusely though I would opt for something stronger.

 Comes in a handy 15ml travel size reusable twist top container

50g tins are made upon order ships in 1 business day 


cocoa butter, coconut oil, vitamin e oil, caster oil, beeswax, white kaolin clay, bicarbonate soda, essential oils.


Directions for use:

Swipe along the armpit once or twice and massage into skin. A little goes a long way, it may feel a little oily at first but it will be dry by the time you are dressed. Use on dry skin. because there is no preservative in the product it is best kept away from water. If skin irritation does arise discontinue use.


Though lavender is known for being an all-around healer, many forget that it is a balancing oil with powerful antibacterial properties. It is one of the gentlest essential oils with an herbaceous, floral scent.

Tea Tree

Like lavender, tea tree is gentle enough to use on the skin neat, which makes it a great addition to a daily deodorant blend. It has an earthy, balsamic aroma that pairs well with citrus oils. Tea tree is a proven antibacterial and antiviral that calms inflammation and stimulates the immune system.


While you may not have heard of this citrus, it's a hybrid of bitter orange and lemon that grows well in southern Italy. Distilled from the peel, it has a sharp, masculine citrus aroma that not only uplifts but also acts as an effective antibacterial, anti fungal, and natural deodorizer. 


Deodorant Tips

Summer weather. The deodorant contains coconut oil and in summer can get a little soft or melt completely in extreme Australian temperatures over 30 degrees in the summer.

Here's what you can do in very hot weather.

  1. Keep your tube of deodorant in the fridge. While it's firm but just a little softened from rubbing it on your body, twist the deodorant up to the level you'll need it next time, then put it back in the fridge. (Right out of the fridge it's hard to twist up.)