Funny growing up mozzies never really liked me I don't know what has changed in the last few years but mosquitos seemed to have mutated now I get bitten all the time, mind you I am around a lot of water when going on photo shoots and hiking in the bush. The trouble is now when I get bitten it is like I have an allergic reaction to them, the bites are unbearable I can scratch at them for days sometimes they don't heal for weeks and some have left slight scarring. Mozzies are just one of the pesky insects us Aussies have to deal with don't get me started on the flies and everything else. I got tired of slapping my self like a women possessed and cursing words that shouldn't come out of a ladies mouth. I thought Bugger it I will make a balm to keep them off me, I have tried commercial repellents but the pesky insects seemed to be immune to them. The list of ingredients in the commercial repellents is mind boggling some I can't pronounce. These days I worry more about what goes on my skin and into my blood stream. My bug butter repels the mozzies, flies and insects, it smells great and keeps your skin hydrated and moisturized with the added benefit of the dandelion oil.

Like all my balms I started with my Dandelion oil base which I use for most of the balms that I make why?. Well because Dandelion oil is a little miracle that heals so many things, from scrapes and cuts to dry skin, it eases arthritis pain. Dandelions were proven to increase the rate at which skin cells regenerate. This is important for anti-aging and for dry skin or eczema, they fight inflammation, hydrate the skin, and boost collagen production. And there is more: Dandelions contain potent antioxidants, help fight inflammation ( with my chronic pain and arthritis I know this is true I have been using it for my arthritis for a couple years now another reason I make all my balms from it)

I could go on all day about this wonderful plant, I have been using it almost daily now for well over a year or two when I first started making simple balms with it, It is a great healing balm on it's own so why wouldn't you use it in your products when you can, it just makes sense to me, enough of that lets get back to the MOZZIE problem.

So to the oil base I added nourishing butters, castor oil, vitamin e oil and beeswax.. If any thing that little concoction right there might attract the mozzies so now for the essential oils hmm. I thought, like a made scientist I went to work. The end result was a potent combination of nine different essential oils, yep that's right nine, an extreme problem calls for extreme measures.. So far so good the flies are not bothering me and nor the mozzies. So why not give it a go.."Essential Bug Butter", the one essential you should have handy for hiking, camping BBQS, and whenever you outdoors

WARNING ! Product may stop you from swearing and waving your arms around like a mad person

Ingredients: Dandelion infused olive & coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax,castor oil, vitamin e oil, arrowroot, essential oils: Eucalyptus, Tea tree, Peppermint, Lime, Orange, Ginger, Clove bud, Cinnamon, Lavender